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2022 : Volume 1, Issue 1

Laser Powder Bed Fused Parts made of SS316 with Embedded Fibre Optic Sensors for Temperature Monitoring up to 1000°C

Author(s) s: Jinesh Mathew, 1 2 Dirk Havermann, 1 Dimitrios Polyzos 1 and Robert R. J. Maier 1

1 Department of Applied Optics and Photonics , Heriot-Watt University , United kingdom

2 Department of Physics , GITAM School of Science , India

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Article Type : Research Article


A smart metal component with an integrated high temperature sensing capability is presented. The metallic structure in SS316 is manufactured by an additive layer process based on laser powder bed fusion (LPBF).  The sensor, a temperature sensitive in-fiber Fabry-Perot element, is encapsulated in a capillary and embedded into the structure during the LPBF build process. It is demonstrated that the sensor can measure the temperature inside the metal up to 1000°C with accuracy better than 10°C for extended periods far in excess of 300 h.

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