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Editor's Code of Conduct

The code of conduct set the standards associated with the role of Editor-in-Chief and Editors. Adhering to the policies will ensure the highest strand for the journal. As per the code:

  1. Editor-in-chief and Editors should ensure the integrity of the publication process of their journals.
  2. They should declare any conflict of interests which may constitute with the editorship of the journal. They should not make any decisions regarding the manuscripts with any conflict of interests.
  3. If editor/s has a conflict of interest regarding to the assigned manuscript, then a senior member of the editorial board should be assigned to resume the responsibility of review process and making decisions for acceptance/rejection of the manuscripts.
  4. Editors should respect maintain anonymity/confidentiality of the reviewers and the materials for the assigned manuscript of the journal that operated under blind peer review process.
  5. Editor/s should be aware of the editorial policies and information provided for authors by the Journal.
  6. They should contact editorial office of the journal if the assigned manuscripts contain any defamatory content.
  7. Editors should ensure articles submitted to the journal should comply with editorial policies, ethics, and research scope of the journal.
  8. Financial and non-financial interests of the editors should be disclosed which will not affect the role of the editor.
  9. Editors should make all reasonable efforts to make sure that all allegations of misconduct are properly investigated, if any against the journal, instead of simply rejecting a suspect paper.
  10. Editors should not make any statements to the media, post comments to represent the publisher without prior agreement.