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Guidelines of Reviewers

CRG journals rely on blind peer review process. Peer review is the essential element in promoting quality and excellence in the papers published in our scientific, educational, and professional journals. Reviewers play a vital role in judging the quality of submitted manuscripts along with the support of Editorial Board Members through Peer-Review process. So the guidelines of the reviewers are described below to which the reviewers need to follow.

  1. Reviewer first need to check the quality and originality of the article content and should check whether the article adhere to the journal standards, scope, do it add any new outcome to the present knowledge.
  2. Reviewer should inform to the editor and editorial office regarding any plagiarism, duplicate publication, use of copyright images, any ethical concerns about the use of animals or humans in the research that has be done by author.
  3. Reviewer’s recommendations should include Accept, Minor Revision, Major Revision, suitable for another journal and Rejection of the article. Recommendation should be backed with constructive arguments and facts based on the content of the manuscript.
  4. Reviews should be honest, transparent and objective irrespective of religion, nationality, gender, race, etc., of the authors.
  5. While evaluation reviewers should focus on originality, Contribution to the field, Technical quality, Clarity of presentation, Depth of research, also checks whether the authors follow the editorial policies, instruction of authors and publication ethics.
  6. Reviewers should declare the conflict of interests before taking the responsibility of assigned manuscript for review process to the assigned editor and publication house.