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Editorial Board Roles & Responsibilities

Editorial Boards are defined as master head of the journal who are generally described as academic editorial team. CRG journal’s editorial board consists of editor-in-chief, Executive Editor and editors. All the journals are maintained and followed by the guidance of an editorial Board.

The roles and responsibilities of editorial board include:

  1. Editor-in-chief must direct the overall strategy of the journal along with the scope of the journal with the editorial board members to discuss ideas for the development of the Journal.
  2. Must maintain the integrity of the published content in the journal to ensure that the journal meet the needs of the scholarly community.
  3. Have responsibility of review and acceptance of the submitted manuscripts, ensuring fairness, timeliness, thoroughness, and civility are strictly followed for the peer-review editorial process.
  4. Should encourage making the most of their academic/industry contacts in the journal’s subject area, with the aim of promoting the journal, about new submissions and readers, and potentially inviting new Editorial Board members.
  5. Should maintain the confidentiality of the information relating to the manuscript submitted to anyone other than corresponding reviewer, author and the editorial office at any stage of processing or before publishing.
  6. Editor should ensure for the fast peer review process of the article for faster publication of the article.
  7. Editor should treat all the authors from all the nations equally with fairness, courtesy, objectivity, honesty and transparency in regards with the peer review process.
  8. Should establish clear guidelines for authors regarding acceptable practices for sharing research work and information, particularly those required to replicate the research, before and after publication.
  9. Editor should propose new topic related to the scope of the journal for coining the special issues and also if any submitted the assigned editor/guest editor should review the submission, suitability, and time taken for review process, potential reviewers and importance of the issue.
  10. Editor decision should be in co-ordinance with the roles and protocols of the publishing group.

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