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Author's Code of Conduct

All the authors should support and abide minimum standards, i.e., Code of Conduct before publishing which are described as follows:

  1. Content and results should be clearly presented without any falsification or in appropriate data.
  2. They should not use any copy righted images, materials, pictures, tables, diagrams, illustrations without the owner permission.
  3. Should not submit manuscripts with most of their content plagiarized or the published article in any language or form.
  4. Recycling of data and text of authors own published article will not be acceptable, if in any case it is submitted the author should provide clear transparent explanation on how much content is considered.
  5. Author should properly cite and acknowledge the work of others.
  6. Reusing of open editable content like Wikipedia or any images from the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., will require permission. If the author cannot able to find the owner for permission the author need to use the replacement for that.
  7. Authors should declare any conflict of interests related to the work submitted including funding, financial interests, etc.,
  8. Authors should maintain confidentiality of the information in correspondence with editor, reviewer, and publisher communication. Manuscripts received for review process should be kept as confidential.9. If the author found in misbehavior the publisher has the right to retract or reject the manuscript submitted even if it is under review process/consideration for publication.
  9. Falsification of any kind is not acceptable.