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Code of Conduct

The code of conduct set the standards associated with the role of Reviewers. Adhering to the policies will ensure the highest strand for the journal. As per the code:

  1. Reviewer should understand the scope of the review before commencing to agree for review process.
  2. Confidentiality should be maintained, reviewer should not directly contact to the author. They should contact editors and editorial office for any concerns regarding the manuscript.
  3. Reviewers should accept only if the assigned article fall into the scope of his/her research interest, if not they should contact editorial office immediately.
  4. Timely review should be followed by reviewers for timely publication of the article. The reviewers can request for extension of time with editors and editorial office.
  5. Comments should be reasonable with ethical and logical explanation.
  6. As the journals follow double blind review process conflict can arise among reviewer opinion so the editor decision will be final and should be unanimously accepted.