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Reprints are the hard copies of the published articles printed upon the request of the authors from any of the Coalesce Research Group journals. The will be exact replica of final article published available in both black and white and color copies along with title page cover. Personalizing of the reprints is available by adding company logo, custom cover, extra information which will include info about the company, organization, products, etc.,

The minimum of 50 reprints is mandatory to order by mailing us at submissions@crgjournals.com and the shipment charges will be included which can be varied depending upon the country where it is to be shipped.

Open Access Articles

The open access articles published in CRG journals are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution (BY-NC-SA 4.0) license, which means they are accessible online and can be re-used in any way, subject only to proper attribution and citation of the authors.

Ownership of Copyright

All rights are reserved by Coalesce Research Group. No distribution, reproduction, transfer, or use of this material is allowed in whole or in part without the express permission of the copyright holder.